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Without Purse or Scrip

To those hurt and confused,

So, there has been some harsh conversation about the recent "outing" of the LDS church leaders' living-expense stipend/salary (whatever you want to call it).

The tones of conversation have been harsh on both sides. Some people are angry that they were lead to believe all church leaders paid their own way during their service, like missionaries or bishops do, and some are angry at the people who are angry about feeling misled, calling them faithless or accusing them of shallow testimonies.

I'm a little shocked at how mean and condescending most people are being about this issue. Any previously unrevealed piece of information about the church, past or present, seems to quickly get under everyone's skin.

Yes, it should be discussed considering how many people didn't know. And no, it's not "gaslighting" for members who already knew to say they've known for awhile now because they probably have. I found out about this when…

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